Friday, May 21, 2010

Shenanigans..... Or something like that

Lately, (the past 7 days. 7 days people.) my BabyBee has been pulling what MY mom would call "stunts". And let me tell you.... they are NOT nice. So before I continue this story you need the background. The WorkerBee works 6 a.m. till 2 p.m. 3 days a week and then 2 p.m. until 10p.m. 2 days a week. Last Friday the BabyBee slept in until about 8. I hear him so I get my lazy self out of bed to go get him. Lo and behold I walk into his room to the WORST smell pretty much in the history OF the BabyBee. That is correct. BabyBee had woken himself up by messing his pants. I figure, it's not big deal. I'm his momma. I love him and therefore do not mind changing his stinks. This pattern continues the next 2 days while the WorkerBee has the early shift. So come Monday on his late day I am really excited to not have to wake up to stinkies. I tell the WorkerBee about the messy pants situation and he agrees to do diaper duty. Too bad for us BabyBee had been devising a plan of his own. All morning long we kept waiting for him to do his business. But noooooooooo. BabyBee waited until 15 minutes after WorkerBee had left for work before "messing around". I was pretty disappointed to say the least. Then the BabyBee decided to mess himself again DURING NAPS. And again while I was trying to make dinner. He just exploded!! And then he did that exact same thing 2 days in a ROW! So now it is Wednesday, WorkerBee's day off and I told him that no matter what HE had to deal with it today. He agreed. Well..... Would you like to guess what happened that day? BabyBee didn't mess his pants. AT ALL. Thursday rolls around and he does his dirty business twice. HA! WorkerBee had to clean it up both times. Today is Friday, again, and BabyBee has started his cycle ALL over again. With that said:

Dear BabyBee,

I LOVE YOU. But making me your primary choice of diaper changers is starting to get old. Fast. Please consider letting your dad help out. He will not oppose. Much. I promise.

p.s. If you stop singling me out I ***might*** consider not embarassing you with this story.

p.p.s Or with these pictures from me trying to clean you up.

Love, Mom.


  1. he's SOOO cute! us hammond bald babies are jealous of all the hair he's sportin'...

  2. too funny...don't you just love it!

  3. Lol! I feel your pain girl. I've changed 4 poopy diapers today. :(

  4. Love that grandbaby of mine! he is by far the cutest around!. Am I biased? of Course!Luv you Baby bee, MiMi

  5. All he's thinking in those pictures is, "Dang. You're the worst mom ever." Hhahahahahahah!

  6. he is soooooo stinkin cute!!!! i just wanna squeeze his adorable chubby cheeks!!!!