Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am a SNOB......?

It has come to my attention (thanks in large part to my hubby's brilliant observation) that I am a snob. When this statement was made I was quite offended. I asked him to specify in which WAYS I am a snob and give me some examples. So with no further ado:

1. I will only drink 1 brand of milk.

I have a reason for this. While the Mermaid sister and I were doing our internship at Walt Disney World, we were under the impression that their would be grocery stores there similar to what we have here in the good ole' AZ. WRONG. You see in AZ we have Fry's, Basha's, Safeway, Albertson's and the list goes on and on. In Florida they have Publix. Mermaid and I assumed that it would be similar to Fry's and boy were we in for a rude awakening. Publix is extremely expensive (to us) and does NOT have a good layout for a grocery store. Plus they don't carry 1 of the best kinds of Dorito's chips- Salsa Verde. Yeah. Anywho.... The Mermaid and I like cereal and breakfast foods and bagels and all that good stuff. And nothing goes better with that than a nice cold glass of milk. Well at the Publix they have THEIR brand of milk and then Shamrock farms which is like MUCHO expensive. So we attempt to try the Publix brand of milk. It did not go as planned. Needless to say we drank very little milk for the 6 months we were there. Apparently we are spoiled and used to the flavor of AZ milk. And I presonally will only drink Fry's brand since there is no longer a Basha's near me. Sad day to the MAX.

2. I only like chicken that has been THOROUGHLY de-veined, de-grissled and cooked.

This I blame on 3 years of culinary training (and my mom's awesome cooking skills). Yep. You better believe that chicken meat I helped prepare was squeaky clean. And delicious. DUUUUUH.
3. If the food doesn't tast right after I spent time making it I have NO problem throwing it out. And I RARELY keep leftovers.

My mother is at fault for this as well. (p.s. I love you mom!) She taught me that certain food items just do NOT refigerate well so what was the point in wasting fridge space and tupperware when you weren't going to eat it anyway? Ya know? Plus if you make something and it just doesn't taste right then you are most likely NOT going to eat the reheated version of said entree.

4. I only like to eat French Toast that is made with Texas Toast.
Ummmmm. This is my dad's fault. Growing up he was always in charge of Sunday breakfast and French Toast is one of his favorite's plus it's pretty easy to just dip bread in whipped eggs and throw it on a griddle. WorkerBee learned the "Texas Toast" rule early on. Fact: french toast is just better with thick bread that gets all nice and crusty. I just made you salivate a little... Huh?


I know I'm going to get an earful for writing about this later BUT.... The first year of our marriage while we lived with my family WorkerBee offered to make his "Italian family's super amazing spaghetti sauce". At first this SOUNDED promising. You see when I think of homemade spaghetti sauce I think of chopping up fresh tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic, mushrooms and all the other things that make spaghetti sauce tasty. Then WorkerBee produced the grocery list. I recall that the ingridients were- tomato PASTE, tomato SAUCE, some dried bay leaves and that was pretty much it. He put all of this in the crock pot and informed us "it tastes so good after simmering all day".... Valid point except there were a few KEY ingridients missing. Such as actual TOMATOES. Needless to say this particular dish did not make it to the "leftover" podium. Sorry hun but it's true. Thankfully he's gotten much better. ***phew***
6. Homemade Mac 'n' Cheese beats anything that comes out of a box.

WorkerBee can testify of this truth. My momma whips up the BEST mac and cheese ever. She makes this beautiful creamy cheese sauce with REAL cheese (not that powdered orange crap) and it is just sheer perfection. She gave us a pie plate full last time she made it and would you like to know how much of that glorious pasta I got to eat? None. WorkerBee polished the whole thing off in less than 3 days. Yeah. I was pretty sad about that.

Well now that you all know what I am a foodie snob about.... what are YOU picky/snobbish about when it comes down to food?


  1. I agree 100% on the spaghetti sauce. and Homemade mac n cheese is the bomb. Mashed potatoes must be - real potatoes that are mashed. Along with seasonings and other necessities, but no potato flake crap.

  2. I am also a food snob... so I pretty much agree with everything you said! I only drink fry's organic milk, everything else tastes nasty! Home made spaghetti sauce for sure, and no preshredded cheese if I can help it, it's so much better when you shred it yourself.

  3. ~~**Berit=) This is a funny post. I am such a snob about certain foods and SODA!!! I should be a soda tester...if the soda is flat, needs more sugar or carbonation.. I won't drink it and it makes me mad. I now know the places that have good soda when I want it so that I won't be disappointed =) Another thing is waffles. My Mom always made and still does make HOMEADE waffles with a special recipe. We tried making waffles out of a belgian mix last Sunday... YUCK!!! I could go on and on but I will spare you =)*~~

  4. I hate mayo! It seems to make its little way into something at social functions and I have to "politely decline"...I usually think it'll soften the blow to friends feelings when I tell them I dislike mayo but it seems to make things worse- like they feel really bad. Sometimes I just suck it up and eat whatever it is but on RARE occasion.
    I will NOT eat boxed mac and cheese! SICKENING! (:

  5. I love this post!! I'm a food snob too, and proud of it!! I wanna come eat mac and cheese at your momma's house......yummmmm!!

  6. So, this is the worker bee, let me just say that the sauce that I made, I was doing it off of memory, and it turned out good. Oh, and Florida has albertsons as well.

    So you know how there are entenmann's products for sale at the grocery stores, WELL, I am an entenmann's "snob" and arizona does not sell my favorite donut, their crumb donut.

  7. Wow your picky lol. I am in some ways too, but I alwaysssss save leftovers (unless it turned out just nasty). Some foods don't taste as good left over, but Curtis WILL eat it anyway. I just can't waste food. When I babysit, the kids will sit at the table until they eat everything they put on their plate.

  8. Ok, it is TOTALLY fine to be a food snob. Personally, I've been able to "let go" of a little of my food snobbiness (I used to only buy brand name stuff), but it has now been replaced by the need to always cook fresh things and have fresh fruits/vegetables ALWAYS! The leftovers thing?.. Hey, if your hubby wants to eat it, let him. It will save you on lunch money!

  9. The Momma made me a whole crockpot full of mac and cheese after I had my baby. It was great for filling my empty belly. :)

    It always makes me laugh when people are surprised that different brands taste differently. Duh! Different brands of milk taste different because they come from different cows. The type of cow totally makes a well as the diet of those cows.