Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Real First Post

I thought that since Easter is right around the corner that now would be a good time to make my first official POST! YEAH! Easter is my all-time favorite holiday and NOT just because my birthday always happens to be near-by. Last year I spent mine and Mermaid's birthday in Orlando, Florida when we were working at Walt Disney World! It was pretty fun (and free) to be able to go to the parks on our birthdays! We got special pins that let everyone know it was all about us. This year I am married now and back in good old AZ and I, the Queen Bee and my hubby the Worker Bee are expecting a BABY BEE! So..... this year we will have to do things a wee bit differently. Since my favorite b-day eatery Matta's is now closed we are still debating where to have my birthday dinner and the choices are becoming slim, so, I am open to suggestions feel free to comment!

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